URBAN EXTREME: WHY An evening with Julian Bachelor

Friday 17th June 2005
7.30pm to 10pm
Leigh Road Baptist Church
Marguerite Drive
Leigh-on-Sea SS9 1NN

Ask yourself
Do I want to be fired up about the POWER of the GOSPEL and how to communicate it relevantly? Your answer may be YES. Or your answer may be NO. Whatever your answer is, this evening is for YOU.

Youth leaders
As youth leaders our PRAYER has been through Journey and Love Southend Youth and in our Churches to see the young people BELIEVE they can make a difference and see GOD working through them in our TOWN. This evening may well be the next step in GOD’S equipping of that PRAYER.

Nothing like short notice WE need you to SPREAD the WORD
This event has come about in less than 7 days. Therefore, due to the short notice we are really relying on WORD of MOUTH, EMAIL FORWARDING and youth leaders BRINGING and ENCOURAGING ALL THEIR young people to BE THERE.

A little bit more info
Julian’s message if for Christians and Non-Christians alike so please don’t worry it will be too deep for your young people.

A quote about the evening
“We have just got to tell people and get them along to this event, tell the youth leaders to beg, bribe their young people to be there. ‘People may say, ‘What is it about Julian that makes it so good?’ My answer would be just come and you will find out, its not because it’s Julian, but because God has given him a powerful message to tell. Just be there”.
Martin Jordan, Youth Leader at Leigh Road Baptist Church after hearing Julian’s message last Friday.

So who is this Julian Batchelor bloke anyway?
Julian is the founder of Why? Ministries International. He travels nationally and internationally motivating and equipping Christians to return to going into all the world and preaching the Gospel. Julian has a heart for local churches to see them fulfil their visions and dreams in evangelism. His innovative tract called “Why Some Good People will not go to Heaven” is a powerful follow up booklet. This booklet synchronises with the gospel delivery tools which his ministry has developed. These tools are revolutionising evangelism as we know it today.

Julian teaches with authority, humour and clarity that flow from his success in the business world, sound academic preparation and over a decade of frontline evangelism experience.

This will be great training and motivation for the Urban Extreme: Youth Week. Sunday 24th ’till Saturday 30th July 2005
A week to breathe fresh life into Southend
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