Flourish-in’ nicely!

KALBI MASSEY of Westcliff Baptist Church (and our former Prayer Co-ordinator) has been ‘basking in His glory’…

“I am so delighted to share with you of a very successful Love Southend event.

“Flourish women’s conference took place on the 11th October 08 (Saturday) at Crowstone Christian Centre. Approximately 170 attended.

“Some had even travelled from Brighton, Ipswich, Romford and Basildon and the speaker and her student, were from South Wales. The guest speaker, Rev. Marilyn Harry (Elim Pentecostal Church) of Harvest Time Ministries truly blessed us, through her powerful word from the Bible, encouraging us all to wait on God as He moves to work in a supernatural way in our lives – and stressing the importance of drawing and enjoying His presence daily in our lives.

“The day provided an opportunity for spiritual restoration in an environment of Spirit – filled worship led by Dr Alan Kerry and his team (The Worship Exchange).

“The day was notable for the uplifting spirit of worship and friendship which left all those attending, in a positive frame of mind and looking forward to the next conference.

“My sincere gratitude goes to all women who atttended with open hearts and minds, seeking fervently to receive God’s word and continually bask in His Glory.

“The day ended with many making a recommitment to follow Jesus, and individual prayer ministry which was appreciated by many.

“My friend Lesley Ball and many volunteers responsible for the catering, prepared a varied, delicious buffet spread that was well received and enjoyed by all!

“A friend who attended from Ipswich has asked to meet with me to discuss the possibility of starting a womens’ ministry in her town. What a wonderful opportunity that I thank our precious Lord for!

“As for finances, its just amazing. When I first had the vision for Flourish, there was no money whatsover set-a-aside at all. I just had the vision and passion. You know, through a small charge for tickets and a love offering, all the expenses have been paid and some left over for the next one!

“Praise God. He is good all the time. Please pray for this vital ministry for women.

“In His service,
Kalbi Massey”

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