Father’s Love Letter

Please understand that the Father’s Love Letter is a FREE gift to you, with no strings attached. We require absolutely nothing from you in return – we’re just grateful that you took the trouble to read it.

The Father’s Love Letter comes to you, and to EVERY home in the Borough of Southend-on-Sea, from Leigh and Eastwood over to Thorpe Bay and Shoeburyness, courtesy of the local churches. From local people to local people. All 75,000 or so homes in Southend.

It’s happening because we strongly believe that God loves ALL people everywhere – including everyone in Southend; regardless of age, class, colour, race, nationality, sex, sexuality, mobility, disability or any other detail that we may feel may be important (or not) about ourselves. We believe that God loves you, even you, however good or bad you feel you are – however worthy or unworthy of His Love you think you might be.

…and he doesn’t just love you – He’s FASCINATED by you! We can’t make this any more clearer.

If you *would* like to learn more, not about our love but about God’s Love for you, please do remember to send off the free response card that should’ve been inside every Letter. You’ll receive, in return, a free publication that tells you more and is again, something that comes with no strings attached.

If however, you’d like to make contact with someone a bit closer to home, please contact Wendy Thomas at the e-mail address on the right, or the Love Southend office by going to the ‘ABOUT’ section of the website by using the menu on the left, and then clicking on the sub-section marked ‘CONTACT’ and by filling in your details. Anything received from you will be handled discreetly and in the strictest confidence.

…and please do check-out this website! Please read our introduction. Please go to ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’… and if you have any questions, do drop us a line!

God bless you.

Click here to visit the website of the Father’s Love Letter.

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