Easter snow came down & balloons of hope went up

This event was organized to celebrate Easter Day, the day that Christians believe Jesus Christ, God’s Son defeated death and rose from the dead to bring new hope to all people.

As the snow fell, many wondered if the event would have to be cancelled, David Elcock member at Leigh Road Baptist Church said, “Our balloon release and the reason to celebrate was not effected by the snow. It was great to see balloons of Hope floating away as the snow came down”

Crowds came from other churches after their morning services and from the surrounding streets. Joining together in a count down as we publicly released the message that Jesus is Alive!

The 200 yellow, red, blue and green balloons of Hope each carried details of the new interactive website www.hopeinfo.co.uk printed on the balloon.

Steven Hembery, Minister at LRBC who released the balloons on the day said; “We encourage whoever finds a balloon and your readers, whether they be in Leigh, Southend or far beyond to visit the fantastic new website www.hopeinfo.co.uk , it’s great fun and makes you think”

The website set up with events like this in mind by the Christian Enquiry Agency features videos, forums, audio and more it is a must visit!

Why are we doing it? David Elcock, member at LRBC said “A balloon can lift your heart and gives you hope. Christians believe that God wants to give us Hope too. Through the sacrifice of his son Jesus at Easter we see how much”.

Fairtrade Coffee and Tea and chocolate eggs were given away free to the hundreds of people that attended.

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