Coming up from the streets

We’ve all witnessed religious-types preaching on street corners, at some stage: not that there’s anything wrong with that. But now, one prominent aspect of Love Southend is due to be a variation on the theme.

Some of you have been involved in the practice of prayer-walking, in the past. Now, this will be taken one step further (sorry!) by our Love Southend teams of street pastors, who will, later on in 2005, be going out onto the streets – not to preach, but to be a visible presence in particular parts of town, usually at night and often where there’s large numbers of partygoers, nightclubbers and vulnerable people.

We’re talking (in the case of Southend) about the seafront, High Street, old Leigh and other parts of the Borough – places where people could be distressed, under the influence or simply, alone and afraid. Street pastors will be there, clearly identifiable and armed with their prayers, advice, comfort and support to everyone who asks for it…and also on the look-out for anyone who might really need it.

Street Pastors is a Christian activity that’s been spreading across the country, for some time now. Already, more people have shown an interest in this, than in any other potential Love Southend activity.

So, if you’re one of the church leaders who were unable to make one of the other meetings, or would simply like to find out more about the street pastoring initiative, there’s a meeting that you’re welcome to attend, in the upper room at The Stables, ’round the back of Leigh Road Baptist Church, on Tuesday 11th January at 8pm. Eustace Constance from the Ascension Trust will be there to give a presentation.

Do come along, to find out more!

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