…at their service

Saturday, 5th March at Coleman Street Chapel, in the town-centre

“SASRA is the Soldiers and Airmen Scripture Readers Association, and seeks to present the claims of the Lord Jesus Christ to members of HM Forces and their families. The work is financed solely by the free-will giving of the Lord’s people and their prayers.

“The meeting: although it was widely made known through Love Southend Network, only 34 attended; in addition we had an eleven-strong Air-Force Cadet Orchestra from Middlesex, who played with the Chapel organist for the hymns. In addition they also provided some music during the refreshments.

“RAF ASR Berenice Ducker reported on the Government cuts in training pilots, who not only lose their job and careers, but also their housing and with a family, the future is so uncertain.

“Army ASR Lee Phillipson reported on his work over 16 years at the Technical Foundation College, in Winchester – also on the squadrons returning from battle, many of whom lose limbs, but face the disability with such courage. Many go for sports activities, in paraplegic environments.

“Mark Powell, the Area Representative for SASRA reported a difficult year, due to the ill-health of Readers and also the ‘Homecall’, of two of the Readers’ wives. Mark emphasized the need to pray for the work, in earnest.

“As you read this review, stop for a while and pray for SASRA. For any gifts, please contact Geoff Hayman, thank you.

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