Prophetic Intercessors Pray Around Priory Park For Southend-on-Sea

Prophetic Intercessors Pray Around Priory Park For Southend-on-Sea

A group of 8 Prophetic Intercessors from Transforming Essex (TE) came to Priory Park to pray and bless Southend on Wednesday 23 February. They were met by Ruth Verrinder of Love Southend and welcomed to the Park. This is part of their first of four prayer gatherings as part of their ‘Four Corners of Essex’ prayer strategy.

Four Corners of Essex

One of the TE team had a picture of a tablecloth over Essex. They were standing at each corner holding it and prophetically releasing the blessings and treasures that are on God’s table for Essex, over Essex. This was interesting timing, coming 3 days after the Civic Faith and Belief meeting at the Cliffs Pavilion talking about Light and a week before City Status became official.

Before the day

The Team had discovered that the Priory Monks had a real passion to promote art in the worship of God and Southend is known for arts of all kinds. They felt to pray for a co-creating with God to release His expression. Southend is known for new things so they prayed for ‘new things’ from God for Southend and to ‘pull dreams for the area from the future to the present’.

Praying over Southend-on-Sea

Intercessors Praying around Priory Park for Southen-on-Sea

They prayed into the City of Lights theme and that all Southend dreams would come to fruition. Plans in the heavenly realm to be fully outworked on the earth. Enabling sons and daughters to speak out the light in all circumstances and also laying a foundation of giving back to the community.

They felt angels leaning over Southend creating a canopy, protecting and nurturing, the city. Clearing out of pockets of darkness, looking into the future and seeing the light this city is walking into.
Psalm 25 was personalised for Southend – ‘Lift up your heads, Southend, and let the King of Glory come in’!

They celebrated the fruit they knew about but also the fruit that is coming.

They felt God was saying ‘Seek the treasure that Father God is laying before you and enjoy the adventure!’

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