Prayer for Southend Foodbank as ten years approaches

Prayer for Southend Foodbank as ten years approaches

Southend Foodbank opened ten years ago this November, and as we reflect on the date, we were wondering if you might hold us all in prayer?

Generous God
you fed your people in the wilderness
and you fed 5,000 on a hillside,
we thank you for Southend Foodbank
which continues to feed people today.
We recognise all you provide,
and we pray give all today their daily bread.
We see too many without adequate income,
and so we pray for a more just solution
that would see no one go hungry.

Giving God,
who calls people by name,
who gifts us purpose,
we thank you for every volunteer
who offers their time, their skills,
their energy to the work of Southend Foodbank.
This community of people,
who seek to serve the community of Southend
with welcome, compassion and dignity.
We pray for their continuing empowering, equipping
and empathy in all that they do.

Wondrous God,
who does more that we can imagine,
we praise you for ten years of Southend Foodbank,
from its small beginnings to presence across the city and surrounding area.
We pray that every day that the Foodbank is needed
it will be there
but we pray also for a day when your kingdom
comes to earth as it is in heaven,
and no person fears or knows hunger.

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