Love Southend says ‘Thank you’ to our incredible emergency services.

Love Southend says ‘Thank you’ to our incredible emergency services.

At various times during the year Love Southend is keen to show our appreciation for our emergency service personnel.

A mixture of sweets and biscuits along with Christmas cards a

nd letters of thanks assuring staff of our ongoing prayers were recently delivered to:

Nurses receive thanks, chocolates and prayers from Love Southend

Southend Hospital to approx. 20 wards and departments.

Text message received from Linda who distributes on behalf of Love Southend said:

“The staff receiving the chocolates are touched to know that there are people out there who pray for them and thank them. In a couple of the wards, a nurse asked, “is it your friends who sent you again? Honestly, they are so kind! Thank you so much.”

On another ward the person receiving commented “they are thinking of us again!”

It is good to have the opportunity to say that they are remembered all year round and prayed for regularly’.

A message from another hospital worker said “we just really appreciate all the prayers. My colleagues are thankful that we have prayer cover. Even those without faith. It’s so comforting”.


East of England Ambulance Crews receive thanks, chocolates and prayers from Love SouthendEast of England Ambulance Crews and our Hazardous Area Response Team (HART)

If you have passed Southend Hospital recently, you might have become aware of 2 porta-cabins now located in the carpark close to the road outside A&E. These have been fitted out with the capacity to take 6 patients each for a quicker handover for paramedics when taking patients to A&E.

The Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) Each team has a box of biscuits for the festive period so every member of staff can have a cuppa and take 5 minutes.  They’d like to say a big thank you.

On 14/12/22 Ruth was able to speak to a paramedic who was cleaning her ambulance after the handover of a patient and was able to ask how the porta-cabins were helping. Without complaining she explained that they had been regularly working 4 hours beyond their shift end time, and the previous day, although only 1-hour late finishing, they had no rest or lunch breaks, but was so grateful only to be one hour late off duty.

She was very touched by the gesture of biscuits and cards and offered to deliver them to the Aviation Way Ambulance base for the different shifts. Ruth explained about Love Southend and the

WhatsApp prayer group and assured her that we would be praying, particularly for staff to be able to have rest and lunch breaks and finish on time and for the situation of bed shortages in the hospital which led to the delays in handing over patients. She was extremely grateful for the offer of our prayers.

Southend Police receive thanks, chocolates and prayers from Love SouthendSouthend Police Station distributed to staff and officers and also to the Southend CCTV studio team.

“Thank you for all the chocolates, biscuits, tea, coffee and sugar that you have provided the police station over the past year, these have been gratefully received”

 And finally…

Love Southend are very grateful to those whose financial support makes these deliveries possible, and to Christian staff within Southend hospital, Southend police station and The HART ambulance crew who deliver the letters and tokens of our gratitude and can then use these opportunities to share more about faith in Jesus.

We would love to find a local Christian Fire Officer who could become a link for us. If you know anyone please let Ruth know via


If you would like more details about joining the Love Southend WhatsApp prayer group, again email Ruth.

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