Local Women Flourish at Conference

Local Women Flourish at Conference

After a warm welcome into an atmosphere of Holy Spirit power and love, Kalbi shared her own heart in prayer.

‘I pray this Conference today will encourage you, motivate you, challenge you and equip you in the call of God on your life…as God’s leading ladies!! God is calling each one of you to do what you can do to serve Him!’

Worship was lead by Helen Yousaf and her Worship Team from Romford. Helen is a singer/songwriter for Jesus and has a 20 year ministry in leading worship. Her eloquence of the scriptures in song is second to none and her prolific passion, energy and encouragement took us gloriously forward into the presence of the King in worship where there were many tears as hearts were broken/softened to receive whatever our Lord would impart this day.

Speakers on the day were Sue Russell and Brenda Sims from Belle Vue Baptist Church and Tina Russell-Mott from Hayes in Middlesex.

Sue Russell really threw the gauntlet down about faithfulness, commitment, loyalty, love and trust and how this defines us as believers in an ever failing world. How do we stand in our trust of our ever faithful God? How faithful are we to Him? It’s not about trusting God for everything. It’s all about trusting God through everything!

Brenda Sims reminded us that these Conferences are all about encouragement for us, and us being able to encourage each other. But to do so, we are to love each other as God has commanded us, and we are able to do that only ‘if’ we remain in Him …and allow Him to remain in us (John 15). Whatever our circumstances we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus! (Romans 8:31-39)

Tina Russell-Mott taught us that Steadfast means …you don’t move! The steadfast love of The Lord never ceases. We are on a journey and it’s okay to admit…‘I can’t do this any more.’ His mercies are new every morning. But steadfastness says ..you can do it because you have Jesus at your side, He will never drop you, He is all around you…you are so precious to Him. He has brought us to the banqueting table.. and the banner over you is Love. God is lovesick for you…He so desires your focus to be on Him!! God invites you to ‘come away with Him.’ Lay all down and come into your new season with Him. Tina encouraged us to consider prayer and fasting. The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases…just one touch of the King changes everything!!

Words from one of Helen’s own songs, ‘Child of Mine’ sums up the order of the day…

Child of mine…be mine
Child of mine…be mine
I’ve loved you since the beginning of time
So child ..be mine, be mine, be mine…

A glorious invitation!!

Until next year…..

The next Flourish Women’s Conference is planned for the 19 October 2013

Report written by Grace.

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