Hundreds seen queing for church in Leigh-on-Sea

Hundreds seen queing for church in Leigh-on-Sea

Aided by speaker Andy Frost, who took the 234-strong audience through Holy Week, those attending were certainly left with spiritual food for thought as they trudged home afterwards in the now-seasonal rain.

The event began with a 30-minute worship session led by Lou and Phatfish, as the scene was set for Andy to deliver his hard-hitting message.

Each day of final week of the life of Jesus on earth was explained, aided by powerful images on the big screen.

Lou Fellingham o PhatfishThe band then took to the specially-adapted stage – complete with speakers and feature lighting – to finish the evening with a final session.

With arms aloft and eyes towards the audience, blonde-haired singer Lou left challenges with those watching as she wrapped up the two-hour event.

Jacqueline Pawsey was one of those who enjoyed the evening. She said: “It certainly was great! Well done to everyone to make it a fantastic evening! Thanks to you and the biggest thanks to Jesus!”

Lou Fellingham and PhatfishLou and Nathan FellinghamLeigh Road churchgoer Alan Cook, 44, added: “It certainly was challenging. “The music was very uplifting and the message by Andy Frost extremely powerful and thought-provoking.”

Amongst those enjoying the concert-cum-worship session was Leigh Road Baptist Church minister Steven Hembery. He said: “It was great to see people of all ages coming together and worshiping. “The band was fantastic and the spiritual message spot on. “Well done to all those who took part and helped organise the event.”

The Jesus tour has already visited a number of venues around the country, and Leigh Road were able to drop the ticket price for young people from £10 to half price on the night which helped swell the numbers.

Words by Steve Klein, Photos by Joshua Cook and David Elcock

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