Heading Toward Christmas: Daily Films for Advent

Heading Toward Christmas: Daily Films for Advent

Throughout December up until Christmas Day, Love Southend and our friends at Damaris bring you a daily video thought for the season.

Take a couple of minutes every day to stop by and watch the latest video.

While you are here, why not take a moment to watch this additional video presented by Nick Pollard, that looks at who the Christmas celebrations all revolve around.

Our friends at the Christian Enquiry Agency would be delighted to offer you a free story of the life of Jesus so that you can explore for yourself the message behind the story of Christmas.

Here you will find that Jesus makes amazing claims. He says that he offers meaning and purpose for our lives, forgiveness for the past and a new hope for the future.

If this really is true then Jesus must be the greatest gift we could ever hope for this Christmas. Certainly 1,000’s of people across Southend have come to that conclusion. Join them at your local Christian church this Christmas to expore Jesus and his claims further. You can assured of a warm welcome.

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