An appeal to partner with Shoebury Gospel Hall

An appeal to partner with Shoebury Gospel Hall

Shoebury Gospel Hall

We are a small congregation in Shoeburyness, Essex at the eastern edge of Southend-on-Sea. There are only four of us, two couples, who are of an older age group. We hold a Family Service twice a month and use Zoom for other Sundays and a weekly Bible Study. We do have an outreach twice a month with a Craft afternoon session which is currently attended by 6-8 people from the community.

Our building has:

  • A main worship area which will hold 50 in comfort.
  • A well-equipped kitchen with 2 stoves, dishwasher and a microwave oven.
  • A small room which will seat 15-20 people.
  • A large room with partition, which would accommodate 50+ people which we use for our craft activities and any meals we serve.
  • We have gas and electric main supply with gas central heating.

The church is situated in a housing area, unfortunately parking is limited. We are the only church in our immediate area. We are looking for like-minded evangelical group(s) to either join with us or possibly take over the responsibility for the church. Anyone interested should have a look at our website: and can make an initial contact with us via the website message link.

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