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Fair Havens Hospice Planning Application Withdrawn

Fair Havens Hospice Planning Application Withdrawn

Fair Havens Hospice has agreed with Southend Borough Council to temporarily withdraw a Planning Application and work together on plans to build a new hospice in Leigh on Sea.

The Charity submitted plans in September to build a larger adult hospice on farmland off Belton Way, though it is greenbelt. Last year, Fair Havens turned away 49 patients who needed care because not enough beds were available at its current premises in Westcliff. Continue Reading

Church youth workers and volunteers light up Leigh

Church youth workers and volunteers light up Leigh

Over 1000 people were served by the Churches Together in Leigh during the Leigh Lights Parade! In an event organised by youth workers Celia Lunn (Leigh-on-Sea SA Corps), Lucy Brown (Wesley Methodist) and Community Worker David Elcock (Leigh Road Baptist (LRBC)) and funded by the Union Congregational Church, LRBC and Welsley Methodist, more than 700 mince pies and gallons of mulled fruit juice were given free to families and young people.

An army of volunteers from the local churches were on hand to help distribute the hot goods, and this was all done to the accompaniment of worship band Doxology from Romford SA Corps, who kept people dancing to a mix of secular and religious music.

When asked why they wanted to put on a live music event, Celia said “after the Leigh Lights last year there were loads of young people hanging around in the streets with nowhere to go and nothing to do. We wanted to do something for them, and what better than make the most of the festival atmosphere with some open air live music?”. Continue Reading

Southend High Street hosts The People’s Bible

by Paul Drage, The Cornerstone URC

It was a party held in Southend High Street in June to celebrate the 400th birthday of the King James Bible
This event was advertised on the Bible Society‘s website as a part of the celebration of The King James Bible 400th Anniversary. It was a tour of Great Britain that was set up to enable a modern and old version to sit along aside one another – a bible written by the people of Great Britain in the year 2011. Continue Reading

Worship group that began with a busker

By Christine Sexton
Used with permission.
As featured in the Southend Echo 6th June 2011

WHEN Steve Barber spotted a busker in Southend High Street, he felt compelled to ask her a rather bizarre question… “Would you like to start a church?”

Mr Barber said he was embarrassed to admit he was inspired by God to make the unusual request, and expected to be soundly chastised for what must have sounded like the world’s worst chat-up line. Continue Reading

Belfairs Methodist Taming of the Lawless Parish

By Tom King with kind permission from the Echo Newspapers

BELFAIRS METHODIST church was founded 100 years ago, and a lot of the credit went to a local travellers’ camp.

As the church celebrates its centenary, it can look back across the years to a time when Belfairs was an unpopulated area, consisting mostly of open woodland. The most prominent building was the Woodcutters Arms. The pub didn’t get its name for nothing. Most of the drinkers propping up the bar worked in forest trades such as logging and fence-making. Continue Reading