The values we share…

  • we value encourage and pray for growing, personal relationships with Jesus Christ
  • we value the Bible as the Word of God, our guide and authority of faith and practice
  • we value and encourage giving God all the glory – with no self-promotion or self-seeking
  • we value, encourage and pray for powerful works of God’s grace in our communities
  • we value and encourage keeping in step with the Holy Spirit at all times and in all decision making, respecting at all times the uniqueness and validity of what God is doing in every part of the Body of Christ
  • we value, encourage and pray for Christ-like leadership characterised by humility, a servant’s spirit and evidenced by transparency, openness and vulnerability
  • we value, encourage and pray for the Christ-given unity (not the uniformity) and the spiritual health of the whole Body of Christ
  • we value, encourage and pray for the ministry of local church leaders and local congregations
  • we value every member of the Body of Christ
  • we value the importance of the restoration of relationships within the entire Body of Christ, including leaders.
  • we value, encourage and pray for strong and deep relationships across the Body of Christ in the City of Southend-on-Sea – a sense of belonging together beyond our immediate congregations.
  • we value the encouragement to corporate, city-wide worship and prayer as well as local, congregational and private prayer and worship
  • we value, encourage and pray for personal and corporate renewal/revival, the biblical mandate to share the Gospel through evangelism/mission, and the transformation of our community

Desirable outcomes…

  • deepening relationship and trust between leaders
  • increase in maturity and growth of local congregations
  • increasing love and co-operation between congregations
  • ability to respond with one voice to local issues and crises where appropriate
  • shared ownership of a vision to impact Southend with the gospel of salvation and kingdom

….and all this built upon 3 building blocks

  1. fulfilling Jesus’ commandments to love God supremely – and others as ourselves
  2. fulfilling Jesus’ commission to all be His witnesses and to make disciples by teaching, baptising and establishing men, women and children in His truth
  3. seeing Jesus’ compassion extended freely to those who suffer want or lack